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Police lock up dog for being ‘illegal immigrant’

By Mason White 2:39 PM February 9, 2014
Eleanor Donkin with the dog 

By: Hydar Tomar
A girl was devastated when police ordered her to hand over her dog.

The teenager said that she is afraid that her beloved dog will be put down because it was labeled an “illegal immigrant.”

Eleanor Donkin, 16, of Hexham, England, is an only child. She begged her mother, Carolyn, 48, to buy her a 5-month-old white
Maltese terrier. Her mother finally agreed.

However, only three weeks later, authorities took the dog away for being an illegal immigrant.

Unbeknownst to the family, the puppy named Milo, was one of 10 puppies, which had been illegally imported.

The dog had a dodgy passport, and had not been given his rabies shot.

The family’s heartbreak began when they took the puppy to the veterinary, who noticed their suspicious documents.

The 16-year-old contacted authorities at the Trading Standards Institute. They ordered the dog to be quarantined at a cost of £490 ($825).

Eleanor and Carolyn bought the puppy from businessman John Graham, who admitted in court to illegally importing 10 dogs from Holland.

A judge ordered Graham to pay more than £4,000 ($6,800) to the families that purchased the dogs.