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Shop causes outrage by selling baby sharks in bottle as souvenirs

By Mason White 11:24 AM February 10, 2014
Baby shark illustration 

By: Devansh Dutt
(Scroll down for video) A store in Hawaii, is under fire for selling baby sharks as good luck and protection for homes.

Phillippa Thomas of Sydney, Australia, was on vacation in Hawaii.

One day, while shopping for souvenirs, she walked into a Waikiki gift shop, which is named Nani Aloha Street. The store is located across the Kuhio Beach.

Thomas said that she was shocked to see bottled dead baby sharks for sale.

A description underneath the baby shark display read in part: “In Hawaiian mythology, the shark is believed to be an Aumakua, or ancestral guardian that watches over and protects a person and their family.”

Thomas bought one bottled baby shark for $24.95 plus tax, and took some photos of it.

She then sent the photos to her friend Oriana Kalama, founder of the Maui environmental nonprofit Ocean Defender Foundation.

Kalama wrote an article and posted the photos to her website, causing an outcry from many people.

After the story went viral, the store manager pulled the sharks from the shelves.