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Woman burns herself alive after constantly arguing with husband over sex

By Mason White 6:12 AM February 11, 2014
Andile Mbobo 

By: Anika Rao
A man was left devastated after his wife burned herself in his presence.

Andile Mbobo, 33, of Benoni, South Africa, still has burn wounds from trying to save his wife.

He said that his life will never be the same because his wife killed herself.

Mbobo feels suicidal and wants to join his wife, Lindiwe Mvimbe, 26, who burned herself to death.

Mbobo explained that whenever he wanted to have sex, he and his wife ended up fighting.

The two decided to speak with a spiritual leader for advice.

The spiritual leader explained that she had an unclean spirit that needed cleansed with a chicken.

The couple bought a chicken and were going to do the ritual when he returned home from work.

However, when Mbobo entered his home, he found that his distressed wife poured a flammable liquid all over herself and set herself on fire.

The husband desperately tried to save his wife, burning his hands and chest during the struggle.

“Every time I look at my hands and I see the burns, I remember her screams,” Mbobo said.

Mvimbe was taken to a hospital where she died after six days.