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Man disappears after scalding his wife with hot water because she wanted a divorce

By Mason White 10:34 AM February 13, 2014
Ifeoma Oraka and Samuel Oraka 

By: Hydar Tomar
A man burned his wife with hot water and disappeared before police were able to arrest him.

Ifeoma Oraka, 35, of Apapa, Lagos, Nigeria, was taken to the hospital after her husband burned her.

Police are looking for Samuel Oraka, 44, who is originally from Angola, and has gone missing after hurting his wife.

Ifeoma Oraka is being treated at a hospital for burns on her neck, chest and arm.

Ifeoma Oraka told police that after Samuel Oraka poured the hot water on her, he pressed her to the floor and started rubbing her body with his bare hand.

“My skin was peeling as he was rubbing my body, I was in a lot of of pain,” she said.

Mrs. Oraka said that she was fed up with her marriage and wanted to leave the relationship, but she was afraid of her husband’s reaction.

She claims that Samuel Oraka was not only abusive to her, but was also abusive toward their four children.

Ifeoma Oraka claimed that her husband had beaten up two of their children for refusing to greet him.