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20-year-old mother of 2 dies after getting crushed in an elevator while pushing her son to safety

By Mason White 10:35 AM February 13, 2014
Olga Tilinina with her son Maxim 

By: Aarav Sen
A Russian family was left devastated after an elevator took the life of a mother.

Olga Tilinina, 20, was killed in front of her two and half-year-old son in a horrific elevator accident in her apartment building near Moscow.

Tilinina was out with her husband and two kids. When they returned home, her husband, Dmitry Olga, 24, used the elevator to take the couple’s one-year-old child Egor, upstairs.

Then, Tilinina took the same elevator with her older son Maxim.

She entered the elevator on the ground floor with her son when the elevator doors suddenly closed.

His legs were trapped between the doors, neighbors said.

The Russian mother pushed her son out of the way to safety.

The elevator began moving while the mother was jammed in the door.

She was killed in front of her son. When the traumatized Maxim joined his father, all he could say was: “Mom, leg.”

The grief-stricken husband said that he can’t understand how this happened.

He spoke of how dedicated his wife was in raising their two children.

“I love you and I remember you. You will remain in my heart. Our children love you,” he told his deceased wife.

Neighbors told police that they had complained about the elevator for many years.