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Massachusetts baby survives after being dragged 100 feet by truck

By Mason White 5:03 AM February 14, 2014
Baby in stroller 

By: Hydar Tomar
(Scroll down for video) A baby is lucky to be alive after her stroller accidentally hooked onto a moving truck.

Anna Rivera was walking with her 4-month-old daughter, Ivianah, in Lawrence, Massachusetts, when a iron sticking out of a passing truck caught the stroller and dragged it about 100 feet.

Miraculously, the baby was found inside the stroller unharmed and smiling.

It all began with a simple walk. Rivera, a mother of 4 girls, said that the sidewalk was icy so she decided to walk at the side of the road.

When a truck passed, baby Ivianah’s stroller hooked onto the truck and she was taken for a ride.

Rivera ran after the truck, trying to signal for the driver to stop.

Cars nearby frantically honked their horns in an attempt to stop the truck, but the driver did not stop until a pedestrian flagged him down.

The baby, who was strapped into the stroller, survive and was unharmed.

Police detained the truck driver, Gilberto Lizardo, for questioning. He claimed that he did not see Rivera or her daughter.

After an investigation, police said that Lizardo will not be charged.