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Man proposes with $33,000 in cash folded into the shape of roses

By Mason White 8:05 AM February 14, 2014
Money turned into roses for proposal 

By: Hydar Tomar
(Scroll down for video) A man came up with a unique way to propose to his girlfriend.

He took his life savings and shaped them into beautiful roses.

The man named Chen of Zhejiang province, in China, works as an IT programmer.

He wanted to marry his girlfriend, but her mother asked him to buy a house and a car before they get married.

Although Chen is not able to afford a house or a car, he did the best he could.

He withdrew all of his RMB 200,000 ($32,994) in savings, and shaped them into pretty roses. He then handed them to his girlfriend.

Chen withdrew 1,998 100 yuan notes from the bank and worked many hours with the help of his friends to shape the money into 999 roses.

On his girlfriend’s birthday, he got down on one knee, gave her a heart shaped box filled with money and told her: “This is all my savings. Now they are all yours. Will You Marry Me?” She said “Yes!”