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College girl exposes her father who impregnated her roommate

By Mason White 11:05 AM February 17, 2014
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By: Sanvi Rizvi
A college student was very sad when her father announced that he is divorcing his wife.

However, she became furious when she learned the identity of her father’s new lover, her college roommate.

Now, the daughter, who is a college student in Zhuhuai, Guangdong Province, in China, is seeking justice and revenge.

The heartbroken student went online, posted her story and showed photos of her father’s girlfriend, who was her friend.

The girl wrote of her grievances against her father. She told people that her father left her mother for her roommate and then she wrote: “My roommate is pregnant and guess who the father is? My dad!”

The woman said that her father met her roommate when they were Freshmen in college. It is unclear when the two began to see each other romantically.

“The world is just terrible. I lost trust in friendship and my family,” she wrote online.

After being abandoned by her father, the girl said that her life has become difficult. Her father also stopped paying her tuition bills as he now has another family to care for.