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Woman arrested after making up rape story to avoid getting in trouble at work

By Mason White 7:47 AM February 18, 2014

By: Anika Rao
A woman was arrested because she made up a rape story after not showing up to work.

Alexandra Westover, 21, of West Boca, Florida, was arrested after she lied about being raped in order not to get in trouble for missing work.

According to Florida State Police, an investigation began after Westover told police that she was raped by a Hispanic man, who stopped to help her while she was having car trouble on the Florida turnpike.

Investigators said that Westover claimed that she was on her way to work when her vehicle broke down between the Palm Beach Gardens and Jupiter exits.

She said that while the man helped her, he ripped her panties and sexually assaulted her before fleeing the scene.

Investigators spent more than 100 hours investigating the alleged assault.

Officers became suspicious about Westover’s story when they reviewed video surveillance of the road and were unable find any evidence that a vehicle had broken down on that particular stretch of road.

Their suspicions were further confirmed when Westover’s father called police and said his daughter told him that she invented the story.

Westover later admitted to making up the rape story in order not to get in trouble for missing work.

She was booked into the Palm Beach County Jail. She was charged with false report of a crime and perjury not during official proceedings.