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Men seen on video tying up thief and feeding him to insects

By Mason White 8:35 AM February 19, 2014
Man tied up illustration 

By: Hydar Tomar
(Scroll down for video) A man was caught trying to break into a home, and rather than calling police, members of the community carried out street justice.

The incident began when a thief tried to break into the home in Brazil, in broad daylight.

However, when he was caught, the locals wanted to teach him a lesson that he would remember for a long time.

The thief’s hands and feet were tied together so that he could not move.

One of the onlookers recorded the incident and uploaded the video to the Internet. The video went viral.

The video showed the man laying on the floor while he was being hogtied by angry residence.

The footage that was taken in Teresina, showed two men grabbing the thief by the rope by which he was tied up and carrying him to an area where there were a lot of insects.

They placed the man on top of the insects so that he should be eaten.

The man was forced to endure extreme pain after being caught trying to rob a house.