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Married pastor’s affair uncovered after thief stabbed him while having sex with lover in car

By Mason White 8:52 AM February 21, 2014
Sex in car illustration 

By: Devansh Dutt
A pastor was left red-faced after he was caught having sex in a car.

A Bulawayo married preacher of the Methodist Church in Zimbabwe, ended up getting more than what he bargained for when an armed robber attacked and stabbed him twice while he was having sex with his girlfriend.

Rather than taking his girlfriend to a motel room, the married man of God, Douglas Mazengedza, drove her to the Centenary Park, where they had sex in the car.

While they were enjoying their adulterous relationship, a thief spotted the Toyota Fortuner. Seeing the couple having sex inside, the thief broke the window and stabbed the preacher before demanding money.

After being stabbed twice, the preacher who teaches his congregation not to commit the sin of adultery, handed over two cellphones and cash.

Police responded to the scene and took a report of the incident.

The preacher was hospitalized for the stab wounds.

Mazengedza reportedly told his wife that he had been stabbed and robbed while walking on the street in broad daylight.

However, the police report told a different story and the preacher was exposed.