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University security guard arrested for masturbating in woman’s shoe

By Mason White 8:48 AM February 21, 2014
Timothy Margis 

By: Hydar Tomar
A man was arrested after a woman found his semen in her shoe.

The director of public safety at the Concordia University in Chicago, Illinois, was arrested after an employee told police that he masturbated in her office, according to police reports.

Timothy Margis, 38, of Homer Glen, was charged with misdemeanor public indecency and disorderly conduct.

It all began when an employee saw Margis leave the victim’s office while zipping up his pants and closing his belt, according to the police report. When he left, she found semen in one of her shoes.

During police questioning, Margis allegedly admitted to the lewd act. Margis and the woman were never romantically involved.

Margis was fired from his job at the university after the incident.
Margis was released from jail after posting $150 bail.