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Hot-looking women in bikinis teach first aid course

By Mason White 8:50 AM February 21, 2014
CPR illustration 

By: Devansh Dutt
(Scroll down for video) Learning first aid is important and it saves lives, however, it can be boring.

Officials in Spain, found a unique way to teach people first aid.

During a training course, police showed a video of a pair of hot-looking women in bikinis, who demonstrated the life saving techniques.

In the video, the women appear to be making out, but in reality, they were performing CPR.

One woman was the “victim,” and laying on the floor, while the other woman got on top of her and performed CPR.

Police in Jaca, apologized for using the video after it caused outrage.

The “Super-Sexy CPR” video was meant as an advertisement. It was created by Canadian underwear firm Fortnight Lingerie.