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Woman, 42, commits suicide weeks after giving birth to twins through IVF

By Mason White 6:09 PM February 22, 2014
Newborn babies illustration 

By: Hydar Tomar
A woman waited for many years to have a child, and when she finally gave birth, she killed herself.

Claire Turpin, 42, and her husband Andy of the United Kingdom, had a hard time to conceive, but were eventually successful after lengthy fertility treatment.

Turpin was delighted to discover she was pregnant with twins.

She gave birth to healthy babies, who were named Jack and Eliza.

One baby was born naturally and the other by caesarean section.

Mrs. Turpin took good care of the children, but she developed an irrational belief that she was not good enough to take care of them.

She began fearing that the government will take her babies away from her as she believed that she wasn’t good enough.

Her family sent her to see a doctor and she was prescribed medication.

Turpin’s family said that she was depressed, but there was no indication of suicide.

Sadly, Turpin, who used to work as a hotel manager, jumped from the John Lewis car park in Sheffield and died.