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Stolen car returned to owner after 30 years and completely restored

By Mason White 10:31 AM February 23, 2014
Old red Chevy illustration 

By: Devansh Dutt
(Scroll down for video) A man was happy to be reunited with his car, which was stolen 30 years ago.

The California man was shocked when police called him and said that they found his car that had been stolen 30 years earlier.

In 1984, Ian Wilson bought a 1957 Chevy, which he wanted to restore. However, before he was able to do so, the car was stolen.

Wilson is a retired mechanic, and he had an eye out for his stolen car, hoping to spot it on the road. However, after a number of years, he gave up on ever seeing his beloved car again.

Now, his dream came true. Police found his car, and it was in much better shape than when it was stolen.

“There are all sorts of added chrome under the hood. The headers are brand spankin new and the tires seem to have not even been around the block,” Wilson said.

Recently, Wilson received a call from the California Highway Patrol saying that his car had been found in a container at the Port of Los Angeles, which was heading to Australia.

Seems like someone had redone the car, but without having ownership to the car and with the car being reported as stolen, it was unable to be used in the United States.

Now, Wilson was reunited with the car for which he paid only $375 at the time. Today, it is said to be worth a lot more.