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Man tries to bribe officers with $50,000 so his mother doesn’t see him behind bars

By Mason White 10:51 AM February 26, 2014
New York Police Department car illustration 

By: Anika Rao
(Scroll down for video) A man attempted to bribe a police officer in exchange for letting him go, according to police in New York.

The man from White Plains, was found passed out in his car in the middle of the day.

When officers went to check up on him, they found his blood alcohol level to be three times the legal limit. When officers tried to arrest him, Alcides Gonzabay, 35, tried to bribe the police, offering him $40,000 if they let him go, officials said.

“If you send me home, I’ll give you $40,000. I do not want my mother to see me in a cell,” Gonzabay told officers. Gonzabay was found slumped over the steering wheel in his car, which was still running, on Riverside Drive at West 95th at 2:10 p.m., according to the District Attorney’s Office in Manhattan.

Officials said that he reeked of alcohol, and had an open bottle of Captain Morgan rum and two bottles of wine next to him inside his Audi, according to the criminal complaint. The man admitted to police that he took drugs before driving.

Gonzabay was arrested on several charges. At the police station, Gonzabay tried once again to buy his release. This time, he offered $50,000 cash and watches if officers allowed him to leave, according to the district attorney’s office.

Gonzabay was charged with DUI, five counts of bribery and one count of driving without a license. He was later released after posting $10,000 bail.