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Man goes blind after stabbing himself in the eye in order to get his cheating girlfriend in trouble

By Mason White 10:13 AM February 27, 2014
Blind man with stick illustration 

By: Anika Rao
A man stabbed himself in the eye, causing him to go blind in one eye.

When rescuers arrived, he blamed the injuries on his girlfriend.

Brian Barr of the United Kingdom, stabbed himself in the eye with a 10-inch knife when he found out that his girlfriend was cheating. When emergency workers arrived, Barr said that his girlfriend stabbed him.

Police questioned his girlfriend, Lisa Beattie, 26, of Livingston. She told police that her boyfriend was drunk when the two got into an argument.

During the argument she admitted to being unfaithful to him. That’s when Barr went to the kitchen, grabbed a knife and put it into his eye.

Barr eventually admitted to stabbing himself in the eye, saying that he wanted to ruin his girlfriend’s life after she broke his heart. Barr told police that he was drunk when he grabbed the biggest knife from the drawer.

“We were shouting and swearing at each other when I said, ‘Do you want me to stab myself?’” Barr said.

“She laughed and said: ‘Go on then.’” She did not think he was seriously going to do it. Barr was taken to a hospital where he had surgery on his eye.

Sadly, doctors were unable to save his sight, and he went blind in his left eye. After an investigation, police decided not to charge the girlfriend.