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Woman gives birth on Manhattan crosswalk and names baby after good Samaritan

By Mason White 10:36 AM February 27, 2014
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By: Hydar Tomar
(Scroll down for video) When a baby is ready to make its entrance into the world, it happens, no matter where the mother is at that time.

A woman living in the Upper East Side of Manhattan, was in labor and decided it was time to go to the hospital.

However, she ended up giving birth on East 68th Street and 3rd Avenue. Now, she and her husband want to thank the stranger, who helped her in her time of need.

Polly McCourt walked out of her apartment, and her doorman tried to get her a cab. However, her baby was not willing to wait until they arrived at the hospital.

The doorman helped McCourt get down on the floor on the crosswalk, and several passersby stopped to help until police and paramedics arrived. Several women offered their scarves to wrap the newborn.

One woman named Isabel, gave the pregnant mother her coat to keep her warm during the ordeal. McCourt’s husband Cian, was on his way home from New Jersey, when he found his wife, who had just given birth, laying on the floor with good Samaritans taking care of her.

McCourt and her baby are doing well. They named their daughter Ila Isabel, after the woman who gave McCourt her coat.