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Woman asks former husband to infect her with HIV hoping it would force him to stay with her

By Mason White 7:23 AM February 28, 2014
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By: Hydar Tomar
A woman asked her former husband for unprotected sex despite knowing that he is HIV positive.

Now, the woman of Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, was infected with HIV after having unprotected sex with her former husband.

The man claims that his former wife demanded unprotected sex as a way to strengthen their relationship after being apart for 28 years. The couple had five children together before separating in 1986.

The woman reportedly ignored the pleas of her children and family members not to rekindle her relationship with her HIV infected lover. The woman was infected with HIV, before her former husband decided to go back with his current wife, who is also HIV positive.

Her former husband and his second wife also attacked her, accusing her of disturbing their relationship. The woman was dragged to court by her former husband, who wanted some of the property, which the two bought after reconciling.

The heartbroken woman told the court that her former husband and his wife assaulted her, chased her away from the house and accused her of being a nuisance.