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Two dogs take owner’s truck on joyride driving it into river

By Mason White 7:42 AM February 28, 2014
Dogs illustration 

By: Aarav Sen
(Scroll down for video) Two dogs were rescued by police and firefighters after taking their owner’s truck on a joyride.

Emergency workers in Tulsa, Oklahoma, responded to calls about a truck that drove into a river. To their surprise, they found two dogs but no human inside.

According to first responders, the two dogs named Roscoe and Luna, took their owner’s vehicle for a joyride on Tuesday, but they ended up in the Arkansas River.

Tulsa Police Department spokesperson Jill Robertson said that the Labrador and border collie were in the truck unattended for about 15 minutes, while the man went inside his home around 6:00 p.m.

The dogs somehow managed to put the truck into gear causing it to roll down three blocks. Robertson said that two local boys on skateboards spotted the rolling truck and tried to catch up with it, but to no avail as the vehicle gathered speed quickly.

The truck crashed in the river. When the dog owner, Scott, finally came out of his house and did not see his truck he thought it was towed.

However, he soon learned of the joyride. Roscoe and Luna, escaped the accident unharmed, but the truck was damaged.