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Church bans woman from wearing underwear during services

By Mason White 12:03 PM February 28, 2014
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By: Devansh Dutt
A pastor has caused controversy after ordering women to stop wearing underwear when entering his church.

The church, “Lord’s Propeller Redemption Church” in Dandora Phase 2, Nairobi, Kenya, said that wearing underwear was “ungodly.”

All women were reportedly informed not to wear bras and panties to church. Church pastor Reverend Njohi said that when people go to church, they must be free in body and spirit in order to receive Jesus.

Rev Njohi also allegedly warned the congregation of serious consequences for those who do not follow the new rule. Another pastor made headlines for asking his followers to worship in the nude.

As we reported earlier, Pastor Allen Parker wants all of his congregants to love and accept themselves for who they are.

Parker decided to lead his congregation the way God brought us all into the world, in the nude.

Members of the small congregation in Virginia, worship in any way they feel comfortable, but most members choose to be in some state of undress.

Pastor Parker said that his church members are there to find inner peace, and that begins with self acceptance.

“There is no feeling that you have to be better than others, physically,” Parker said.

“We are human beings, we all have scars, we have what we have. It is about learning to love and accept that,” he added.