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3 brothers arrested after killing their brother because their father left him a house as inheritance

By Mason White 1:47 PM March 4, 2014
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By: Hydar Tomar
Three brothers became extremely angry after their father left his house to their brother as inheritance. The three brothers decided to kill him, police in Nigeria said.

Now, they were all arrested and charged with murder, Logos Police said.

The three brothers, Fatia, Tunji, and Sakiru Osun, have been accused of killing their brother, Yusuf. According to a source close with the family, their father left the house to Yusuf as inheritance. Yusuf was not the oldest child.

The oldest child, Tunji, decided to sell the house for N15 million ($91,000), keep N10 million for himself and give his brother N5 million. Yusuf however, disagreed.

Police said that murder was committed on Tuesday. Yusuf Osun was strangled and stabbed. The three brothers told neighbors that Yusuf was drunk, slipped in the bathroom, hit his head and died.

However, they couldn’t explain why their brother had stab wounds. That is when the neighbors called the police, who arrested the three.