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Man kidnapped and has his private parts removed after threatening his friend

By Mason White 11:57 AM March 5, 2014
Tied up man illustration 

By: Aarav Sen
A man is dead after he threatened his friend, police in Nigeria said.

Kogu State Police said that the incident began when 22-year-old Mohammed Farouk, had an argument with his friend, who was identified as Ijogbon, and promised to deal with him.

However, before Farouk could do anything, Ijogbon arranged the kidnapping and torture of Farouk after which he was beheaded, had his private parts removed and buried in a forest. Police said that argument broke out at a bakery where the victim and his friend worked.

Police launched an investigation into the murder, and so far, they have managed to arrest two suspects who were involved in the killing. However, Ijogbon is still at large.

The two suspects told police that Ijogbon hired them to kill Farouk, and that Ijogbon had since fled the city. Police exhumed the victim’s body and send it for an autopsy.