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Woman breaks into her tenant’s apartment to steal clothes and tries to set the house on fire

By Mason White 11:04 AM March 6, 2014
Door to apartment illustration 

By: Devansh Dutt
A woman was arrested and charged with attempted arson after breaking into her tenants apartment in order to set it on fire, police in Nigeria said.

Lagos Police said that they arrested 40-year-old Grace Odiudo, after being accused of attempting to burn down her tenant’s apartment.

Odiudo was charged with four counts of arson, malicious damage, assault and disorderly conduct. According to the initial police investigation, Odiudo broke into her tenant’s apartment at 4:00 p.m.

She then began pouring gasoline all over the apartment, which Magnus Ezeakume rented from her. Odiudo also damaged the mirror of a Highlander, which belonged to Ezeakume.

The suspect continued her violence by assaulting her tenant’s wife. She threw pieces of bricks at her. Eventually, the suspect fled from the scene along with her tenant’s clothes.

The suspect faces 14 years behind bars for the attempted arson charge alone. The suspect was booked into jail and released after posting N200,000 ($1,200) bail.