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New York artists create and live inside life-size hamster wheel

By Mason White 7:11 PM March 8, 2014
The giant hamster wheel 

By: Rachel Woronoff
(Scroll down for video) We’ve all seen people who look like their pets, but two New York City, New York artists took it upon themselves to spend a day, or 10, living the lives of hamsters.

The two performance artists, Ward Shelley and Alex Schweder, have built a life-size “human hamster wheel” out of wood and steel, and are dedicating 10 days to living, eating, and sleeping inside it.

The purpose of this project is to see if the pair can work together in a collaborative manner in order to accomplish everyday tasks. The artists must be mindful of each movement they make, as one false move puts them at risk of being thrown off the wheel.

The wheel is 60 feet in circumference and includes beds, chairs, desks, a fridge, a simple kitchen and a toilet. “We’re living on a big wheel that is essentially a two-bedroom apartment,” Schweder said.

This live performance, “In Orbit,” can be visited at The Boiler, the Pierogi gallery’s performance space in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn through Sunday.