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Florida man found dead in Mexico after being involved in fight at gay bar

By Mason White 11:49 AM March 9, 2014
Craig Taylor 

By: Sanvi Rizvi
(Scroll down for video) A Florida man was found dead at the side of a road in Mexico, after being involved in a fight at a local gay bar, police in Mexico said.

Craig Taylor was found dead on Sunday morning, at the side of the road in Cancun, after a dispute over a bill.

The 22 year old was traveling with his brother and two friends. The incident began when the group went to a local gay bar named 11:11.

According to the initial police investigation, Taylor complained to employees at the bar that the bill was too high, and he later accused a waitress of stealing his credit card.

After the dispute broke out they all fled the scene, but Taylor was found strangled to death the next day. Taylor was found wearing a bracelet that showed he had entered the bar.

Six people have been arrested in connection with the incident so far, but none have been charged with the murder. Taylor lived in Kissimmee.