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Man, 30, commits suicide because his wound did not heal

By Mason White 11:56 AM March 9, 2014
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By: Anika Rao
A man is dead after he hanged himself because his wound would not heal, police in Nigeria said.

Bayelsa State Police said that 30-year-old Romeo Colour, committed suicide by hanging himself from the ceiling of his bedroom.

According to the initial police investigation, Colour attempted suicide several times in the past. However, he was talked out of taking his own life by neighbors and family members.

On Saturday, Colour closed all the doors and windows of his home, and used his bed sheets to hang himself. The mother of the victim, Ebierie Colour, said that her son began contemplating suicide after an injury he sustained while working at a construction site failed to heal.

Last November, a Irobot Roomba 760 robot in Hinterstoder, Austria, that was designed to clean people’s houses, was reportedly “fed up” with having to clean the same house every day, and decided to end it all.

The robot somehow reactivated itself, made ​​its way to the counter and pushed a pot aside. It walked onto the stove top, got burned, and that was the end of it, according to firefighter Helmut Kniewasser.

“It very quickly began to melt and it became stuck to the stove top. It then caught on fire. By the time we arrived it was a pile of ashes,” Kniewasser said.

The whole building was evacuated, and there was a lot of smoke damage mainly in the apartment in which the robot had “committed suicide.” The 44-year-old homeowner, who was not at home at the time of the incident, is still puzzled as to how the robot activated itself, and how it ended up on the hot stove.

“I don’t know about the allegations of the robot committing suicide, but the homeowner insists that the device was switched off,” Kniewasser said. “It’s a mystery how it came to be activated and ended up making its way to the hot plate,” he added.

It took an hour to clean up and make the building safe before residents were allowed back inside.