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Police officers caught on video stripping and beating unarmed black man

By Mason White 12:19 PM March 10, 2014
Police officers beating unarmed black man 

By: Aarav Sen
(Scroll down for video) Two police officers were arrested and charged with assault after they were caught on video beating an unarmed black man, police in South Africa said.

A special police unit investigating the officers said that the two have been arrested for assaulting the Nigerian man on a street in Cape Town.

The 42 and 45-year-old men have been charged with assault. A video of the assault that was uploaded to the Internet, showed two armed uniformed police officers and private security guards punching and kicking the man, sparking public outrage.

The man has been identified as Clement Emekensha. A police spokesperson said that more charges may be added.

The video also showed how the security guard ripped off the man’s pants, while the police officer repeatedly struck and kicked the man in the groin. Another officer was holding the man’s neck.

Police also said that the security guards have been arrested.