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Australian dog’s life saved by drinking vodka

By Mason White 12:52 PM March 11, 2014
Charlie the dog 

By: Rachel Woronoff
(Scroll down for video) A large amount of alcohol is never a good thing, except in the case of Charlie, a Maltese terrier of Australia.

Charlie was saved from a near-fatal experience during the first weekend of March, by consuming liberal amounts of vodka, administered by veterinarians.

Personnel at Melbourne, Australia’s Animal Accident & Emergency disclosed via the facility’s blog that the dog had acquired Ethylene Glycol poisoning. Ethylene Glycol has a sweet taste and is often found in brake and radiator fluids. However, when consumed, it causes kidney failure.

“Alcohol alters the chemical reaction and stops the kidney failure from occurring,” the blog states. The blog also states that in Australia, alcohol is the only antidote available.

Over a 48 hour time period, Charlie was given consecutive doses of vodka, the easiest form of alcohol, through a tube that had been placed through its nose to the stomach.

Charlie is now sober and in good health.