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Police officer arrested for slashing woman’s car tires and showing her the finger

By Mason White 2:11 PM March 11, 2014
Flat tire illustration 

By: Devansh Dutt
A police officer is in trouble after harassing a woman, who picked up her child from school, police in Italy said.

The Milan traffic police officer is under arrest on charges of slashing the tires of a woman’s car and showing her the middle finger, prosecutors said.

The victim complained that the officer routinely harassed her for parking her car in a school zone as she waited for her daughter to be released from school. The woman told investigators that one time, the officer showed her his middle finger.

The officer also once chased her with a motorcycle after she picked up her child from school. During a third incident, the officer slashed her tires, and when she arrived at an auto body shop she filed a complaint with the police.

The officer was placed under house arrest on Friday, while the investigation continues. According to the initial police investigation, the abusive behavior goes back three years.