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Man sues emergency workers because it took them too long to rescue him

By Mason White 12:38 PM March 12, 2014
Car stranded in water illustration 

By: Devansh Dutt
(Scroll down for video) A man slapped a $500,000 lawsuit on local officials because it took too long to save him after getting trapped in his flooded car, according to court proceedings in Colorado.

Roy Ortiz was rescued from his vehicle after plunging into a Broomfield County creek during a storm.

Ortiz was trapped in his vehicle for about two hours, before being pulled out alive. Since filing his lawsuit, Ortiz has been receiving hate messages for suing those people who simply tried to help him.

Ortiz said that he is very grateful to those people who saved him, but the county should have done more to warn drivers about the bad road conditions. Also, it should not have taken officials two hours to send a team to help him.

Ortiz also said that he has accumulated at least $40,000 in medical expenses because of the incident. In the lawsuit, Ortiz claims that the county was negligent.