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3-year-old girl drives motorcycle at 40 miles per hour

By Mason White 12:42 PM March 12, 2014
The seized motorbike 

By: Sanvi Rizvi
A young father was arrested after a police officer spotted his 3-year-old girl driving a motorcycle, police in Germany said.

Tuttlingen Police said that the 3-year-old girl was driving as fast as forty miles per hour (70 kph) before being caught.

Police said that an officer saw the girl driving the bike on Sunday afternoon. The officer said that the girl did not possess a valid driving license and the bike was not registered to be used on the road.

The officer was surprised that the suspect was not a teen or young adult. The girl’s 22-year-old father was nearby and had been teaching the girl how to use the bike.

The father did not realize that a serious accident could have happened if the girl would have driven a little faster, police said. Police seized the bike and the father was charged of violating insurance laws and licensing regulations.