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Mother arrested for selling her newborn baby behind her husband’s back for $1,500

By Mason White 11:57 AM March 13, 2014
Newborn baby illustration 

By: Sanvi Rizvi
A mother was arrested and charged with human trafficking after allegedly selling her newborn baby for a few dollars, police in Nigeria said.

Akwa Ibom State Police said that they have arrested Imaobong Udoh, for allegedly selling her three-day-old girl.

They also arrested four people for their alleged involvement in the sale of the baby. The other suspects were identified as Regina James, her husband Mfon James, midwife Comfort Henry, and homeopathic doctor Emmanuel Okon.

Police said that the father of the baby reported the sale of his child, leading to the arrest of the suspects. The father complained that his wife sold their newborn baby for N260,000 ($1,500) behind his back.

According to the initial investigation, Regina James paid N150,000 to the baby’s mother and N110,000 to
Doctor Okon, for arranging the sale. James’ husband said that he was surprised to learn that his wife bought a baby because she told him that she was pregnant.

Regina James has given birth to three children, but all of them died. Regina James also said that the doctor told her that the girl’s father is unable to care for her and therefore, he is selling her.