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Man blinds married woman because she refused to have sex with him

By Mason White 11:53 AM March 16, 2014
Blind woman illustration 

By: Sanvi Rizvi
A man was arrested and charged with assault after blinding a married woman because she ignored his sexual advances, police in Nigeria said.

Lagos State Police said that they arrested 35-year-old Arinze Kingsley, after blinding Amaka Ohanwe, when she refused his sexual advances.

Ohanwe lost her sight in the right eye after being hit in the face by Kingsley in a beauty salon. Apapa General Hospital staff confirmed that after several surgeries, Ohanwe failed to regain her sight in her right eye.

Ohanwe and Kingsley admitted that they were friends, but Ohanwe insisted that they were just friends and not lovers because she was married with children. She said that she stopped talking with Kingsley because he was desperate to have sex.

Kingsley became very angry after Ohanwe refused to talk with him. He tracked her down at a beauty salon and attacked her. Ohanwe said that her neighbors came to her aid and took her to the hospital.

Kingsley was brought before a magistrate’s court judge for a bail hearing, where his bail was set at N50,000 ($300).