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Pinkberry founder gets 7 years jail for beating homeless man with tire iron

By Mason White 12:48 PM March 16, 2014
Pinkberry store location illustration 

By: Hydar Tomar
(Scroll down for video) The founder of the Pinkberry frozen yogurt chain was arrested, charged and convicted of assault after beating a homeless man with a tire iron, prosecutors in California said.

Now, the man was sentenced to seven years behind bars.

The judge in the case said that 49-year-old Young Lee is a threat to the community after threatening to murder a witness and his family. The incident occurred when Lee’s Range Rover passed the man on an exit ramp of the Hollywood Freeway in Los Angeles. The man approached Lee, asking for money.

Lee argued that Donald Bolding threatened him with a gun. However, police said that Lee was upset that his girlfriend had to see his tattoo. Lee and a friend left the truck, and started beating Bolding with an iron bar, demanding that the beggar kneel and apologize. The homeless man did as he was told, falling against a fence.

Bolding suffered from a broken arm and had a concussion as a result of the attack. Passing motorists intervened to save the homeless man. Witnesses also gave Lee’s license plate number to police.