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Doctors remove worm living in young girl’s throat for 2 months

By Mason White 9:35 AM March 17, 2014
Leech illustration 

By: Anika Rao
A young girl was rushed to a hospital after having difficulty breathing.

Doctors were shocked to discover a long worm living in her throat, hospital officials in China said.

The doctors who treated the 7-year-old girl, said that they have removed the two inch leech after living in the girl’s throat for two months. The girl of Yunnan, said that she and her family often drink water straight from the tap.

The girl was treated at Kunming Children’s Hospital on Monday. The parents of the child said that she had been suffering from a sore throat for more than two months.

“We thought she had a bad cold. We never imagined that a worm was living inside her,” the parents said. It is unclear how the worm got stuck in her throat.

A surgeon said that the worm grew bigger by sucking blood. The girl is now recovering and will soon be discharged from the hospital.