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Model sues Playboy after being slapped on her behind with a golf club (video)

By Mason White 5:34 PM March 17, 2014
Golf club and ball 

By: Hydar Tomar
(Scroll down for video) Playboy is facing a $500,000 lawsuit after a model was slapped on the behind with a gold club, according to court documents filed with a California court.

The model appeared in the Playboy Golf Finals at the Industry Hills Golf Club in Los Angeles, California, several years ago.

Liz Dickson was hit on her behind by a golfer, who was trying to hit a golf ball that was wedged between her cheeks. The player who missed the shot, Playboy Morning Show radio host Kevin Klein, is also named in the lawsuit.

She is suing for battery and negligence, and is seeking $500,000 plus punitive damages.