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Woman given 14 month jail sentence for microwaving her cat

By Mason White 1:58 PM March 18, 2014
Microwave illustration 

By: Sam David
Laura Cunliffe of the United Kingdom, received a 14-month jail sentence after microwaving her four-month-old kitten, Mowgli.

Cunliffe, 23, of Barnsley, South Yorkshire, suspected that Mowgli killed her pet goldfish, so she put the kitten in her microwave and set it for five minutes.

The court heard that Cunliffe took the animal out of the microwave after only one minute, when she had comprehended her actions. The kitten, however, could not catch its breath and passed away 90 minutes later.

Cunliffe’s attorney, Alan Greaves, said that his client has a history of mental illness. “This was an act of utterly horrendous cruelty on your part on an animal that, as far as I could see, had come to trust you and rely on you,” District Judge John Foster said.

Lynsey Harris, the deputy chief inspector for the RSPCA, claimed that in her 13 years on the job, she had never dealt with a similar case. “Our main aim is to get her banned from keeping animals so there is no risk that any other animals she may come into contact with will suffer,” Harris said.

Cunliffe has also been banned by the court from keeping animals for life.