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10-year-old boy hospitalized after eating pizza laced with marijuana at restaurant

By Mason White 3:56 PM March 19, 2014
Pizza pie illustration 

By: Sanvi Rizvi
(Scroll down for video) A young boy was hospitalized after he ate pizza at a California restaurant that was laced with marijuana.

The boy’s grandmother said that she and her 10-year-old grandson were served pizza mixed with marijuana that caused them both to be hospitalized at a Los Angeles hospital.

Ava Farley said that she felt a fever, was sweating and her heart was racing very fast after eating a few slices of mushroom pizza at the restaurant. The boy, Clintay Jones, started cursing, talking nonsense and ran out the door of the store in the nude.

When they went to the hospital, doctors said they found traces of marijuana intoxication in their urine. The doctors asked the boy if he had been exposed to pot at his home.

Her granddaughters both ate from the same pizza pie, but they did not feel ill. The grandmother filed a complaint with the police, and she has hired a lawyer.

The owner of the pizza restaurant, Eduardo Selbereo, said he could not believe the accusations. Selbereo said that nobody smokes marijuana at his shop.