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Teen mom beats her 5-year-old daughter because she was born from unwanted encounter

By Mason White 2:05 PM March 20, 2014
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By: Anika Rao
An 18-year-old mom was arrested and charged with child abuse after she admitted to beating her little daughter, police in Nigeria said.

Rivers State State Police said that Kate Ajie, has been charged with assault and child abuse of her five-year-old daughter, Divine.

A concerned neighbor who witnessed the mother beating her child, called police. Ajie excused her behavior due to the fact that the child was born from an unwanted encounter.

The woman also complained to police that her mother died of breast cancer and her father married another woman. The woman said that one day when she left school, she was impregnated against her will by a boy named Godstime.

The boy drugged her and had sex with her before being dumped back into the street. After several days, Ajie complained to her mother that she is suffering from stomach pains, but her mother laughed.

When the stomach pains didn’t’ go away after a few days, she took a pregnancy test, which showed that she was pregnant. Ajie asked a judge to forgive her and promised to properly care for her child.

However, the judge ordered the child to be placed in the custody of a school, and the mother was sent to a rehabilitation center for angry women.