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Israeli soldiers kill 15-year-old terrorist after trying to sneak into Israel

By Mason White 4:54 PM March 20, 2014
West Bank security barrier illustration 

By: Aarav Sen
A Palestinian teen is dead after being shot by Israeli soldiers while trying to break a security barrier, the Israeli military said in a statement.

The incident occurred near Hebron, in the southern West Bank on Wednesday.

A Palestinian Authority spokesperson identified the dead teen as 15 -year-old Yussef Sami Shawamreh, and said he was shot dead near the barrier. Locals claimed that the victim had been collecting local plants when he was shot, but the army said he and two others had been vandalizing the security fence.

“Today three suspects sabotaged the security fence in Deir al-Asal al-Tahta,” an IDF spokesperson said. “The soldiers had warned them to turn away from the fence and fired warning shots into the air. When that did not work, troops fired at the lower extremities of the main instigator,” the spokesperson added.

The teen was rushed to an Israeli hospital where he later died. The other two people were arrested.