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Man arrested for sucking strange woman’s toes at Walmart

By Mason White 7:17 PM March 22, 2014
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By: Rachel Woronoff
(Scroll down for video) A North Carolina man was arrested by police after being accused of sucking on a woman’s toes at a local Walmart.

The Lincolnton Police Department arrested 31-year old Michael A. Brown on Thursday night.

Brown was charged with assault. According the victim, Brown insisted that he was a podiatry student and requested that she try on several pairs of shoes at the Lincolnton, North Carolina Walmart.

Brown then proceeded to take her foot and suck on her toes. When the woman became upset, he offered to pay for her groceries.

Officials said that Brown supposedly attempted similar acts at another Walmart store 15 miles away. At the second location, Brown told another woman that he was administering a survey on the feet of different nationalities and races.

The second victim agreed to take off her shoes. However, when asked to remove her socks, she left, investigators said.

Brown is a registered sex offender. He was convicted of attempted sexual assault in Cabarrus County in 2001.