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H&M slammed for selling Star of David skull t-shirt

By Mason White 6:19 PM March 25, 2014
The Star of David skull t-shirt 

By: Hydar Tomar
Popular clothing retailer H&M, was criticized for selling a t-shirt emblazoned with a Star of David and a skull.

Now, H&M, which has 3,100 stores in 53 countries, confirmed that offending t-shirt was removed from store shelves on Monday morning, following complaints from angry consumers.

One shopper told management that the juxtaposition of a Jewish symbol with a satanic image is very offensive and looks like classic anti-Semitic imagery. A company spokesperson said that H&M did not intend to cause any discomfort.

“Please accept our sincere apologies that this has caused offense. We understand the criticism and in response to this we have decided to withdraw the t-shirts from all the stores immediately,” the company said in a statement.