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New York City gives Jewish man $100,000 after being beaten by police officers at Crown Heights Chabad house

By Mason White 6:21 PM March 25, 2014
Ehud Halevy confronted by police 

By: Aarav Sen
(Scroll down for video) A man who was brutally beaten by New York City police officers in an unprovoked attack, will receive $100,000 in exchange for dropping his lawsuit.

The payment, plus legal costs, ends the lawsuit filed by 22-year-old Ehud Halevy.

The incident happened in October 2012, when police officers were called by a security guard at the Aliya Institute, where Halevy was found sleeping on a couch. Police officer beat Halevy, and they said that he resisted arrest.

The incident was captured on surveillance cameras. Halevy spent four days in jail and faced a series of charges including assaulting a police officer.

The charges were later dropped after the synagogue confirmed that Halevy had permission to sleep there. Assemblyman Dov Hikind who represents the area, issued a statement that read in part: “I have been a friend and a vocal supporter of the NYPD, but this was anything other than the New York finest.”

The city also issued a statement saying that the settlement was in the best interest of all parties.