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Woman beats DJ at party for playing stupid music

By Mason White 2:59 PM March 26, 2014
DJ illustration 

By: Sanvi Rizvi
A woman who became angry at a DJ because he was playing stupid music, decided to beat him, police in Wisconsin said.

Madison Police said that they are looking to arrest the woman who beat the DJ at a party.

The incident happened at a birthday party on Sunday morning. The DJ at the party, which was held at the Brocach Irish Pub on 7 West Main Street, told police that the woman started screaming about his song selections.

Partygoers were able to pull her away, but she broke free and fled from the scene.

Police said that the 32-year-old DJ was hit several times in the head and received a scratch on his face. His laptop, headphones and microphone were shattered, thrown around and broken.

Witnesses told police that the 34-year-old woman picked up a glass and threw it at the head of the DJ. He ducked down and it hit a window, sending pieces of glass everywhere, police said.

The DJ said that he was not sure why the woman became so angry with him.