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6-year-old girl traumatized after finding couple having sex in drug store ladies room

By Mason White 3:06 PM March 26, 2014
Christopher Mahurin 

By: Sanvi Rizvi
(Scroll down for video) A couple’s sex session was interrupted when a little girl had to use the drug store bathroom, police in Florida said.

Police said that they arrested the man who was having sex in the women’s bathroom at a local Walgreens.

It was Saturday night, when Christopher Mahurin and Jenna Lynn Frey were having sex in the bathroom of the Walgreens, which is located on Havendale Boulevard. As the couple was doing it, a 6-year-old girl entered the bathroom while her father was waiting outside.
Upon seeing the girl, Mahurin decided to leave the bathroom completely naked. The 24-year-old allegedly pushed the girl to the door and she started yelling, prompting her father to come in.

Police officers said that they arrived at the scene, just as Mahurin and Frey were getting into their car. The couple initially denied the allegations, but police said that Frey later admitted that they were having sex in the bathroom.

Mahurin, who has a handful of earlier arrests in Polk County, was jailed on several charges, including lewd and lascivious exhibition, and indecent exposure. He was released Sunday on $4,000 bond.