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Prophet separates from his wife and did not bathe in 13 years because God told him to do so

By Mason White 12:26 PM March 27, 2014
Wale Olagunji with his wife 

By: Sanvi Rizvi
A self proclaimed prophet of Nigeria, said that God ordered him not to bathe and to separate from his wife.

Wale Olagunji of Ibadan, who works at the Divine Seed of God Chapel Ministry, has revealed that he has not taken a bath in 13 years because God told him to do so.

Olagunji also revealed that he recently separated from his wife and is abstaining from sex.

“Even though I have not taken a bath in 13 years, I do not smell bad and I still look more clean than those who bathe regularly. In 2000, God told me to stop bathing. I separated from my wife, and stopped drinking soda and wine. Whoever God wants to use for a certain purpose in this world, there is a serious price tag attached to that. So I think that is the price I’m paying. I can prove that I have not taken a bath in 13 years,” Olagunji said during an interview.

When asked how he manages to remain hygienic and healthy, he said that it is the work of the Holy Spirit. Olagunji claims that water has not touched his body since 2001.

Olagunji has proclaimed himself as a prophet in 1993.