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Drunk man swallows metal fork to impress his friend

By Mason White 1:41 PM March 27, 2014
Fork illustration 

By: Anika Rao
A man who wanted to impress his friend, thought it would be a clever idea to swallow a metal fork.

Now, the man of Romania, has agreed to stop making drunken bets with his friend after being hospitalized.

Radu Calincescu, 25, was taken to the emergency room in the city of Bacau, after experiencing severe pain a few minutes after performing his crazy stunt. He told doctors that he had an uncomfortable feeling in his esophagus, but he did not mention that he had swallowed the fork.

Doctors were stunned when they checked the x-ray, which showed the fork lodged in his throat. He told doctors that he had been drinking with his friend, and he told his friend that he can swallow a fork.

Calincescu was discharged without undergoing emergency surgery after doctors told him to wait and see if the fork comes out naturally. Calincescu will have to return to the hospital in a few days to see if the fork has moved. If it reaches the stomach and looks like it could puncture the liner he will need an operation.