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Pizza shop offers $2,500 to those who can eat their 15 pound pizza in 1 hour (video)

By Mason White 11:32 AM March 30, 2014
Couple trying to eat the large pizza 

By: Hydar Tomar
(Scroll down for video) You can now eat a large amount of pizza and get paid at the same time, but only if you can eat fast, the owner of “8 Buck Pizza,” which is located in Manteca, California, said.

Glenn Takeda said he is offering $2,500 to any two people who choose to eat his giant pizza called “Da Big Kahuna” in under an hour.

The pizza pie that cost $60 – measures 30 inches in diameter and weighs 15 pounds.

The 8.5 pounds of dough is covered with 3.5 pounds of cheese and a choice of three toppings, one of which must be meat. Takeda came up with the idea of ​​Da Big Kahuna Challenge in January, after seeing an eating game show on television.

Initially, he offered $100 cash prize plus the value of free pizza for a year, but no one stepped up to the plate. However, after Takeda increased the prize to $2,500 – fifteen pairs came to take up the challenge.

So far, no one was able to win the $2,500.

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