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New app to help people find burial place of their loved ones throughout Israel

By Mason White 6:07 PM March 31, 2014
Jewish cemetery illustration 

By: Sanvi Rizvi
(Scroll down for video) People often complain of the frustrating experience of finding the tombstone of their loved ones among thousands of headstones in cemeteries across Israel.

Now, thanks to a new app, all gravestones in Israel will be documented.

The Ministry of Religious Services has announced that it is working on the new smartphone application that will help those looking for graves of their loved ones. While documenting Israeli graves has already started by the social networking services company MyHeritage, the Israeli ministry said it will take another few months to complete.

The MyHeritage project began in early March. It began with digitizing Israeli graves in the Segula cemetery in Petah Tikva. The initiative is part of a global effort to preserve Jewish cemeteries.

An estimated 35,000 people die each year in Israel, but the country’s population, currently about 8 million, is growing at a rate of about 1.9 percent annually. Additionally, many Jews from around the world chose to be buried in Israel.